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Services Overview

MAC VW specialise in the repair and servicing air cooled Volkswagens. Regular maintenance is essential part of keeping your VW alive.

Services include...

Engine servicing - Fault diagnoses
  • Electrical upgrades - Chassis restorations - Engine rebuilds - Body restorations - Cage fitting - Brakes overhauls - Carburettor servicing - Fuel injection upgrades
  • Valuations
  • Performance upgrades - Turbo charging - Rolling road tuning - Welding - Nitrous Oxide systems - Replacement parts - Suspension upgrades and lowering - Steering checks - Exhaust replacement
  • Modifications - Race set up

Stef and his team will do everything in their power to ensure you are completely satisfied with all their work, MAC VW have an excellent reputation for providing affordable excellent customer service. MAC VW are never further than a phone call or email away, so when it comes to air cooled Volkswagens if are looking for complete peace of mind Stef is the man to contact.


John Mandy
"Stef's serviced my camper for 12 years"

Kirsten Jankins
"I'm so glad I found Stef!"

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